Wednesday, April 29, 2009

And finally...

the last shoot of the day was the sweet Misses A and R. Thanks you for coming I enjoyed meeting you all. enjoy!

Rose (18 of 19)

Rose (15 of 19)

Rose (7 of 19)

Rose (8 of 19)

The whole family!

Five kids under and mom and dad. My biggest challenge of the day. I am thrilled with the results. You are truly blessed with a beautiful family. Thank you for letting me capture that beauty.


Elacqua (1 of 20)

Elacqua (9 of 10)

Elacqua (12 of 20)

Elacqua (18 of 20)

Misses A and G

Adorable girls, Beautiful mom. Thanks for coming. I really had a great time with them!

Powell (5 of 32)

Powell (20 of 32)

Powell (27 of 32)

Miss J and Mr B

GO astros!!! These two were so cute and sweet! Thanks for sharing your smiles with me!



Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Misses B, S & T

This session took a lot of stars but I think they did great! The girls were beautiful and a joy to meet. Thanks for letting me capture your gorgeous girls! When Miss B is on Dancing with the Stars I will be sure to get her autograph!

Phillips (16 of 33)
Phillips (24 of 33)
Phillips (10 of 33)

Mr T and Miss K

Wow! What a fun session! Miss K was stunning and all smiles. T was a blast once he got into it! Hope you have a great first birthday Miss K! Enjoy...
Casey (15 of 28)
Casey (4 of 28)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Mr M's birthday

I had the pleasure of being invited to photograph our friends son's second birthday. What a stunning family. I really enjoyed capturing the smiles! I am looking forward to doing your family pictures. Enjoy!

Gillet (3 of 3)
Gillet (107 of 118)
Gillet (117 of 118)

Gillet (33 of 118)

and some of the guests:
Gillet (61 of 118)
Gillet (24 of 118)
Gillet (48 of 118)
Gillet (89 of 118)
Gillet (99 of 118)
party (3 of 22)

Mr W and Mr M

These handsome boys were hilarious! They did crazy dancing and we laughed alot! What more can you ask for?

Stinebaker (17 of 20)
Stinebaker (15 of 20)
Stinebaker (11 of 20)
Stinebaker (2 of 20)

Mr X and Mr C

The shoots Sunday went so great! thank you to everyone who came. I had a fantastic time and are slowly sifting through the pictures. Its so hard to edit since there are so many cute shots. All the kids were so on yesterday! Here is the first sneek peek.

These boys were such a joy. They were laughing the whole session!
Bose (14 of 18)

Bose (7 of 18)

Bose (17 of 18)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Shooting my sister and the kids

I got to spend some extra time with my sister, her daughter and my kids in her studio this weekend. I learned alot!!! and love the results. I wont have the blue for a while but plan on ordering it soon.



Email issues

We are having some technical difficulties with our website host. We are not getting any emails and cannot send them. So please email me and if you have any questions! Thanks!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Open House

In order to kick off my photography and continue to build my portfolio, I am hosting an open house. I would like to invite you and your children for a complimentary session. I am trying to build my portfolio so I am looking for children of various ages. I need one or two newborns so if you know someone please let me know. I will be doing your session for free but if you want prints I will be charging my regular print rates.

The times that are available are:
1030 am Booked
1130 am booked
1230 pm booked
2 Booked
3pm booked
4 pm Booked
5pm Booked
6 pm booked
7pm Booked

Thanks everyone!! I am fully booked. I cant wait for our sessions!

The date is Sunday April 26th at the Silverlake Clubhouse.
I will book on a first reply basis. I will send you a confirmation email with your time.

Thanks for helping me out!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Test shots

Landry and I couldn't resist pulling out the pink paper and the petti while we were setting up the lights. I just had to share!